Hello. Gao is the name. '96 liner. Yes im Zelo's, Choi Youngjae's, and Hanbin's age.
The Baes

Infinite, B.a.p, Vixx, Got7, and Team B biased

Lee Sungyeol, Kim Himchan, Lee Hongbin, Mark Tuan, and Kim Jiwon are the baes.

co-run: malegroups, and songyunhyungs

my favorite gals: chaebi, and channiehim
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"I attended an academy by riding a bus from Mokpo all the way to Gwangju everyday. The fare wasn’t cheap. I think I tried even harder by thinking about my parents who are always supporting me. It was then that I started learning how to be frugal."

I attended Mokpo middle school and I think I had good teachers for all three years. I remember Jo Hyun Jin science teacher the most. When I saw that my friends could solve difficult problems during class, I wanted to study well too but that proved to be difficult once I tried to start. I asked my teacher for advice and he told me, ‘It’s important to steadily do what you like.’ I gained strength from his advice and I tried hard on dancing as well as studying.”

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